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August 29, 2014

August 29, 2014

Swap - Lego!!

Confession time... I still love Lego.  I don't want to grow up.  :) Thank you very much Anna-Kaisa for this great card!!

Swap - Postcrossing Mailboxes - version 2

A slight variation on the card I received from Astrid earlier.  This version comes to me from Marion and it is equally cute! Thank you, Marion!

Swap - Garden Gnomes

A collection of adorable gnomes from Jana.  So fun!  Thank you!

Swap - Elvis in Sepia

Thankyou. Thankyouverymuch.

August NA RR - View from Alcatraz

I always appreciate Alcatraz cards. This one is from the inside looking out.  It's a different perspective.

August 28, 2014

August 28, 2014

China - Pearl TV Tower

This is the Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower located in Shanghai, China.  Beautiful card, thank you!


Lots of Stamps FB RR - A Young Lady in a Conservtory

Beautriful painting by Jane Maria Bowkett.  Alexis used 7 very cool vintage and not so vintage stamps on the back.  Love it!! 

Swap - Get your kicks....

Fun ard from Mimi!  Some day I need to take a road trip for at least part of Route 66. Some day. 

Swap - Venezia

Italy is such a beautiful, picturesque country.  I always enjoy cards from there. Thank you, Edoardo! 

Swap - Twin Bridge

Beautiful bridge scene in China.  Twin Bridge, also known as Key Bridge, built in Ming Dynasty era.  Simple and beautiful 

Swap - Bulba

I think I was hungry when I arranged a swap with Irina because I just had to have this card when I saw it.  Mmmmmmm, potatoes!! Fun potato trivia factoids to impress your friends with!

Swap - Fall Blinks

Thanks to Irina for this beautiful Leonid Afremov postcard!  This one, titled "Fall Blinks" is spectacular!

Swap - Punk Never Die

 Hsinda has sent me this funky punk card which I love!!

August 27, 2014

August 27, 2014

Swap - Island Hospital

Another fun Harlequin Romance cover!   Thank you Amanda for this great vintage book card! 

Swap - Germany Cheat Sheet

Every 10th car in the world was made by a German manufacturer.  #themoreyouknow  Thank you to Marian for adding this card to my collection! 

Swap - Relaxing

I love this scene! It is so peaceful and relaxing.  Thank you Romina! 

Swap - Cervena Lhota

This is one of the most beautiful photos I have seen on a postcard.  I just love it!!  This is Cervena Lhota (The Red Castle), built in the 14th century.  Stunning! 

Swap - International Motel

Here is the International Motel in Calais, Maine - "the Gateway to Canada".  Featuring 42 fireproof units, wall-to-wall carpeting, individual thermostats and a/c, courtesy coffee units, ceramic tile showers and colour t.v. Your hosts Smith and Jennie Thomas welcome you.

Swap - New Moon Motel

New Moon Motel on the Trans-Canada Highway.  Located 25 kilometers east of Edmunston and 18 kilometers west of St. Leonard, New Brunswick.  Thank you to Denise for this great addition to my collection! 

Swap - The Confederation Bridge

Here's the reason I finally went to PEI.  I was never to keen to take the ferry but it was a blast to take this amazing bridge! Thank you Denise for this one! 

Swap - Maid of the Mist DYK

Maid of the Mist is my favourite Niagara Falls attraction!  Unfortunately it has ceased operation from the Canadian side so you need to take it from the American side.  Canada now offers the Hornblower, which I hope is equally as awesome!

August 26, 2014

August 26, 2014

Swap - Guelph

Multi-view of picturesque Guelph, Ontario from Chris. On the left is the Lattice Covered Bridge which is a pedestrian/bike bridge built in the 90s using plans from the 1800s.  It is absolutely charming!

Canada - Welcome to Nova Scotia

Angie sent me this piper dreassed in Nova Scotia tartan! It is fantastic - thank you!


Swap - Brugge

A gorgeous postcard from Amina landed in my mailbox today.  So pretty!  This is Brugge, her hometown, which is filled with many medieval buildings, cobblestones and canlas.  It is so lovely!  Thank you! 

Swap - Union Square Park September 12, 2001

There are no words.

Swap - Joy Division

Au has sent me this wonderful Ian Curtis postcard!!  Ian fronted the influential post-punk band Joy Division until his self-inflicted death on the eve of their first tour in 1980. Joy Division went on to become New Order, another very influential band of that era.  Wonderful addition to my collection!

Swap - Wilderness Hotel

A little hotel humour from Hilary!  Love it! 

Swap - Hotelli Kultakero

Here's a wonderful vintage Lapland hotel circa the 70s from Anna-Maria. It's wonderful! 

Swap - My New Favourite Artist

Karina has sent me another lovely Leonid Afremov card.   I absolutely love his work!! Thank you! 

August NA RR - Cornbread

I love cornbread!  It's not as popular in Canada as it is in the US. Thanks Susan, I'm going to go preheat the oven! :)

August NA RR - Welcome to Paradise

A wonderful card from Rocky!  This picture sort of reminds me of a dollhouse, but I digress.  This beauty is the Paradise Motor Inn and Restaurant in Bennington, Vermont.  It features 47 soundproof rooms and suites, some with sauna bath! The rooms have individually controlled heat and a/c, wall-to-wall carpet, custom styled decor, room phones, cocktail lounge, function rooms, banquet facilities, heated pool, panoramic view of the Green Mountains and complimentary breakfast served in room!  The Paradise Restaurant, a Gourmet favourite since 1927 adjoins the Motor Inn.

Looks like this multigenerational business still exists!

August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014

Swap - Red VW

This postcard from Natalia reminds me of a toy Tonka beetle car I had as a child.  It was red too.  Thanks Natalia! 

Swap - Potted Plant

A pretty postcard from Natalia. Thank you! 

Swap - Powers

Another wonderful Anne Taintor for my collection.  Thank you Corinne for a fun swap!

Swap - I dreamed my whole house was clean

Refer to previous blog entry - Domestically Disabled.  Perfect.

Swap - Domestically Disabled

This is me. True story.

Lots of Stamps FB RR - Abbotsford BC

Cheri managed to fit 13 stamps on the back of this card and still have room to write a short message! Bravo!

Swap - Les couleurs de la rue St-Louis

Picturesque Quebec City.  Thanks, Elaine!  I hope you had a great visit!

Swap - Born to Be Wild

Another great card from Kat.  I laughed at her message on the back.  The wildest she gets is knitting on a Saturday night.  I hear that! :)

Swap - Alkmaar/Holland

A very pretty card showing off the beautiful historical buildings of Alkmaar.  Look up there on the bridge.... VW Camper vans!! WIN!  Thanks Lotte!

Swap - PEI Potatoes

I've had my eye on this one for awhile.  (Hahaha, 'eye' ... see what I did there?)   I was happy that Emma was able to help me obtain this postcard finally.  Thank you for your efforts Emma, much appreciated! 

August NA RR - Shapely Vancouver

Here's a fun shaped card from Katrina in Vancouver.  Very fun! Thank you Katrina!

Swap - Green Door

Love the colours in this pretty front door scene from Irene! Thank you! 

Swap - Rabat, Maroc

I'm the first person Jihane has send a card to in Canada.  This is the first card from Morocco I have received and it is beautiful!  Thank you Jihane! Happy Postcrossing! 

Finland - Beer!

Nice collection of beer bottles from Finland.  Olvi is a Finnish brewery and soft drink company that was founded in 1878!

Japan - Who Killed Bambi?

Love this card from Pon in Japan because I love the Sex Pistols!  Originally titled "Anarchy in the UK" this film never saw the light of day after the funding got pulled due to the content. Thank you for a great postcard, Pon! 


Russia - St. Isaac's Square

Showing St. Isaac's Square. St. Isaac's Catheral and Monument to Nicholas I.  Lovely! 
Thank you, Valentina! 


Russia - Dog in Hat

Possibly my longest travel time yet. 59 days from Russia to Canada. 


USA - Kent Falls State Park

Pretty autumn photo from Kent, Connecticut showing a charming covered bridge.  Love it. Thank you, Cari! 


August 22, 2014

August 22, 2014

The United States Capitol

Susannah recently vacationed in Washington and ran a contest which I was lucky enough to win.  She sent me this lovely card of the State Capitol as the prize. Love it!  Thank you Susannah!