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May 17, 2016

May 17, 2016

Swap - The Heir Apparent

Here's a neat upcycled card from Lori. She makes postcards out of old book covers and you can find her on Etsy.  Very cool!

USA - Camper

This is a fun card that Joyce herself designed and printed.  Isn't it fun?


Germany - Temple of the Sagrada Familia

Barcelona, Spain's Temple of the Sagrada Familia, a large Roman Catholic church. Beautiful! 


Germany - Waldshut-Tiengen

A lovely view card from Arian of Waldshut, a very historical German district.

USA - Skyline Brilliance

Viva Las Vegas!  Viva Las Vegas!  This card is so amazing and it has glitter!  The only thing better than Vegas is Vegas with glitter!  Thank you, David!


England - Coronation Song Book

Here's a fabulous card from Chris featuring a 1937 song sheet.  I love this one - thank you!!


Russia - Urban Vintage

Love this cool shot from Ikea's Urban Vintage collection.  Thanks, Daria! 


Swap - The Search for the White Star

Their hunt for a cure takes Barbie and Teresa into the rain forest in The Search for the White Star.

Swap - Emily the Strange

For some reason that I can't explain I really like Emily.  I'm certainly not the target demographic for this character but I lstill love her.

Swap - Cathy, Searching for Mr. Right

I always loved the Cathy comic strip when I was young.  It's so fun to have a postcard in my collection now!

Swap - Ouija You Were Here

I love cards from Salem. Such a fascinating place with so much history.  Thanks to Crystal for adding another card to my collection from there.

May 2016 NA RR - New York New York

A fine Cavallini card from Craig.

May 2016 NA RR - Old Sweater

Old Sweater by Brittany Keats Cerullo.

May 16, 2016

May 16, 2016

May 2016 NA RR - Clearwater Beach

Thanks, Kate!  What a gorgeous place!

April 2016 NA RR - Wisconsin

I love this series of cards from the USPS.  Thanks to Naomi for this one.

Canada - Housework is a snap

Haha, another witty card from Anne Taintor. 


Taiwan - Rolling Stones

Look how young they were!


USA - Cincinnati Museum Centre

Cincinnati Museum Center is home to the Cincinnati History Museum, Cinergy Children's Museum, Museum of Natural History & Science, Robert D. Lindner Family Omni-Max Theatre and Cincinnati Historical Society Library. Originally built in 1933 as a train station, called Union Terminal, the building was renovated and reopened as the Cincinnati Museum Center in 1990.


China - Front Door

This is one of those neat postcards with an attached bookmark... see it there on the left?


Germany - Germany is Beautiful

So many Germany highlight crammed into one postcard.  Thank you Katrin, it's lovely!


May 13, 2016

May 13, 2016

Russia - Musical Instruments

If I were to take up playing one of these I think it would be the accordion! What would you choose to play?


Poland - Royal Lazienki Park

Thank you to Natalia for this beautiful view of her hometown, Warsaw.  This park is amazing sounding!


Russia - Tender Morning

Even on the weekends my mornings do not start off like this!


Swap - Portugal Street View

I could seriously stare at scenery like this all day.  How crazy beautiful!

Finland - Barn

There is no description of this rustic little shack on the card so I'm not sure where or what it is.  It is very charming though in it's lonely little way.


May 12, 2016

May 12, 2016

April 2016 NA RR - Beautiful Window

Fun coincidence:  I received this exact same card in the mail yesterday. :)  That's okay though, it's a beauty! 

Russia - Cottage

Beautiful artwork by Tanya Sitaya. 


Swap - Writer

This card has called out to me for quite some time.  I just love that typewriter.

Finland - Grandma's Apron and Stool

It was a long awaited moment when the first new potatoes of the season were pulled up.  They were scrubbed clean in cold well water with a stub of a broom.  Boiled potatoes were served with summer butter, salted fish or occasionally with smoke-cured meat.  Grandma's apron and stool in western Finland.


May 11, 2016

May 11, 2016

Swap - Anne Frank House

Fabulous card from Christine!  I would love to visit here one day.

Swap - Doctor Moo

Another great parody card from Alida.  So perfect and fun! Thank  you! 

Swap - Vintage Moolot

Many thanks to Alida for this one!  Love it! 

Swap - Barbie goes camping

In "Clawman's Warning", Stacie and friends get caught up in a scary legend during a camping trip.

Swap - Holiday Inn of Rome

Located a few minutes from St. Peter's Square.  350 rooms with individual temperature control and tv.  Swimming pools, meeting rooms, sauna, solarium, coffee shop, restaurant.

May 2016 NA RR - Jasper Lodge Room Service

How totally fun is this?  Room service delivered by cycle and scooter?  What do the do in the snow though?  Great card, Christine! Thank you! 

April 2016 NA RR - Beautiful Window

Thanks to Olga for sending me this gorgeous card from my faves. So pretty! 

May 10, 2016

May 10, 2016

Swap - H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh

Another great card from Joanna.  What do you suppose the Duke is thinking here?  Is he wondering what's for dinner?  If he remembered to set the VCR for Coronation Street?  Enquiring minds want to know!

Swap - Moovatar

I have gotten very lucky finding swap partners with Cows postcards lately. Here is another great one from Joanna. Love it!  

Finland - Martta Wendelin art

Artwork by Finnish painter Martta Wendelin.

May 09, 2016

May 09, 2016

Swap - Andres Carne de Res

This is one wild postcard!  What a fun ad card for a Columbian restaurant.  Thanks, Eric!

Swap - Farmbook

Another great card from the fine folks at Love it! 

May 06, 2016

May 06, 2016

Swap - Comfy Corner

I love everything about this image. It looks so cozy and inviting.  I want to live in this postcard!

Swap - Bates Motel sign

My favourite show on television right now!   Thanks, Michaela!

Swap - World's Largest Holstein

Road trip!

Swap - King Edward Sheraton Hotel

Located in the heart of Toronto.  850 rooms each with radio or tv.... three air conditioned restaurants - no charge for children.

Swap - Born to Rule

I can't decide if this is the cheesiest card ever or if I like it.   Another great find by Fiona. Thank you! 

Swap - Kate and Liz

Thanks to Fiona for another great addition to my Royal Family collection!   Love the look on the Queen's face here.  What do you think she was reacting to?

Swap - Anne of Green Stables

Cows has done it again.  Another great parody card.  Not only do they have yummy ice cream, they also have their finger on the pulse of pop culture and have a wicked sense of humour!

May 05, 2016

May 05, 2016

Swap - Stompin' Tom

There was never a finer Canadian than Stompin' Tom Conners.  I've always been a fan and I'm thrilled to have this postcard in my collection. Thanks, Tina! 

Czech Republic - Flowers

I love the colours on this card. I have always been a fan of purple and green together.