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July 31, 2015

July 31, 2015

Swap - Hong Kong sketch

The hustle and bustle that is Hong Kong by Melanie Reim (The Art of Urban Sketching).  Great sketch! Thanks, Aimee.

Swap - 1955 Kitchen

Love this kitchen from Astrid.  Not too many people would be happy to move into a house with a kitchen like this but if it were in good shape I think I would love to have it in my home. 

Swap - Chennezig (Love and Compassion)

Tibetan art. Thank you, Aline. 

July 30, 2015

July 30, 2015

Swap - Chambermaid

Thanks to Jill for this Anne Taintor postcard.  Love the groovy washroom! 

Swap - The Computer

Fantastic Ladybird Book cover from Erika. Love it!!

July 2015 NA RR - Yank Magazine Cover

Great vintage magazine cover!  April 30, 1944.

Swap - Let's Get Deeply into Debt

Love it! 

RAS - Ingersoll Meetup

Thank you to Liz for this great Ingersoll Meetup card.  One of these days I need to get me to a Postcrossing meetup!

July 29, 2015

July 29, 2015

USA - Queen Elizabeth

Lovely Queen Elizabeth postcard from Olga.  This card dates back to 1996.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Queen by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom, Canada and Her Other Realms and Territories.  Queen head of the Commonwealth. Defender of the Faith.


RAS - Saint-Petersburg Sea Passenger Terminal

A lovely thank you card from Gennady.  :)

Greece - Santorini

I was so excited to pull an official Postcrossing card from Greece out of the mailbox today!  I adore the architecture there.  This card showing the island of Santorini is beautiful!


Swap - 1959 Volkswagen Convertible

Thank you Lisa for this fantastic postcard!

July 2015 NA RR - Aloha Elvis

Thank you to Colleen for adding another Elvis postcard to the collection.  This is a great one... I love his suit! 

July 2015 NA RR - Platform Sandal

Leather and cork sandal, 1938, by Salvatore Ferragamo.   Don't you just love it!?  I do! 

July 2015 NA RR - Front Door

This is a gorgeous photo but it is a Zazzle postcard and has no information on it.  That is my biggest complaint about Zazzle - people just slap a photo up there and sell it as a postcard. I wish they would take the time to edit the backside of the cards and give some context. 

I do love this image though! It is exactly my taste!  Thank you Alicia!

July 28, 2015

July 28, 2015

Swap - Toronto Fireworks

Many thanks to Sylvie for this fine night view of the Toronto skyline. 

July 2015 NA RR - Benjamin Franklin Bridge

The Benjamin Franklin Bridge, located in Philadelphia, opened in 1928.  It connects Camden to Philadelphia over the Delaware River.

Swap - The Hall of Gold

The "Hall of Gold" is part of the extensive trophy room at Graceland.  It contains gold records that Elvis received throughout the years.  There are over 100 gold records here, representing more than 800 records sold. 

Love it!! Thanks, Heather!!

July 27, 2015

July 27, 2015

RAS - Cheribourg Inn

A lovely surprise from Christine greeted me in my mailbox today.  This is the Cheribourg Inn in Magog, Quebec.  It is not often you see a winter scene promoting a hotel.  I'm not familiar with this part of Quebec... perhaps it is good for skiing and other outdoor winter activities. 

Swap - Vintage Toiletry Label

No idea what era this reprint is from but it is beautiful.  Looks like something Granny might have had on her shelf.

Swap - Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

This is the closest thing I have to a Brady Bunch postcard.  This is "Marcia Tamahine", oil on wood, 2004 by Isabel Samaras.  If you love pop culture and appreciate unique art you must check out "On Tender Hooks" - a lovely postcard book featuring Isabel's work.

July 2015 NA RR - Green Mountains, Vermont

What a beautiful card - love those bugs!  Thanks Lisa!!!

Swap - Camper Vans

Thanks to Andy for this great card from the UK postcard series "Retro Days". So many fun subjects in this series. Check it out! 

July 24, 2015

July 24, 2015

Russia - Bogdan Khmelnitsky Bridge

The beautiful Bogdan Khmelnitsky (pedestrian) Bridge, Kiyevsky Rail Terminal and the Fountain "The Abduction of Europa" in the Square of Europe.

Thank you Dmitry for this lovely postcard!


July 22, 2015

July 22, 2015

Swap - Los Angeles Freeways

Spectacular aerial view of the Harbor - Santa Monica Freeway interchange in the sprawling metropolis known as Los Angeles.

July 2015 NA RR - Motel Plante

Phone 532.  In the centre of town at the entrance of Jacques Cartier St and Queen Street (on private road). 25 modern units, sound proof, phone, free tv and radio, wall to wall carpet, bath and shower heated with individual thermostat.  Coffee shop.  Rooms and chalets available. Open all year. 

No longer a motel, the Hotel Plante now exists at the same location. 

Thank you to Christine for adding this one to my collection! 

Swap - Good Luck

A delightful Good Luck card from Johanna.  Love those little polka dot rubber boots! 

July 2015 NA RR - Lake Tahoe - Emerald Bay

Breathtaking view.  Thank you, Sally! 

July 2015 NA RR - Moutain Spring Hotel

"The nearest thing to Ireland". Located in the heart of the Greene County (East Durham, NY) vacation area off the main highway. Accommodates 200. Large filtered pool, new air conditioned dining room with seating capacity for 400 and the Colonial room - our gay air conditioned cocktail lounge. Acres of beautifully landscaped grounds with all resort sports and activities.

Swap - The Royal Family at Balmoral 1960

This card came to me from my good swap buddy Eric and I adore it!! I love that he left the original notes from the previous owner on the back rather than erasing them.  I love that the card is dated by the original owner.  I love that Prince Charles never grew into those enormous ears of his even though in 1960 he still had a fighting chance with his impending teenage growth spurt. I love the deckled edges. I love that it's a real photograph!!  I just plain love this card! Thank you! 

July 2015 NA RR - Sylouette Television

Thanks to Christine for this one! 

Austria - Steiermark

Ten year old Julian (with the help of his mom) sent me this great map card from Austria... and even marked his home on the map.  Love it! Thank you! 


USA - This Day Will Never Happen Again

This postcard from Lia is a nice reminder of this year's women's World Cup of Soccer (some games were played right here in Ottawa.).


Swap - Taiwan Culture

What a charming card from Elaine.  Love the drawings on it by Nico Design Studio.

July 21, 2015

July 21, 2015

Swap - Crafty Sheep

What a precious little card.  I wonder what she's making?

Swap - Hotel Del Coronado at Night

The fabulous Hotel Del Coronado at night. Beautiful card, thank you! 

July 2015 NA RR - Sage Motel

Kelly sent me this little gem, the Sage Motel in Wells, Nevada.  Love the colour scheme and the cinder block wall.  Amenities include:  television, heated pool, air conditioned by refrigeration, individual controlled hot water heat, room phones.

July 2015 NA RR - Four Oaks Motel

A very fine Clearwater, Fl motel from Mike.  Located 1/2 mile west of US 19 with only a short drive to Gulf Beaches. New ultra-modern efficiency apartments, and overnights.  Brand new heated pool, shuffleboard, barbeque grill, colour tv, individual heat/air.  Daily maid service available. Shopping centres and fine restaurants within walking distance.  Sam and Giovanna, Owners/Managers.

July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015

Swap - Ronald Regan Library

I have visited the Los Angeles area several times and still regret that I never managed to make it to the Ronald Reagan Library.  This is the next best thing... thanks Barbara! 

July 2015 NA RR - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The Davis-Queen house is part of the Mountain Farm Museum located two miles north of Cherokee, NC. The open-air museum also includes a springhouse, apple house barn, meal house, blacksmith shop, and historic gardens and livestock.

Thank you Heather for this gorgeous card!! 

July 2015 NA RR - Oops, I Went Punk

This postcard from Michele completely made my day!  So adorable, I love it!  Thank you! 

The back reads:

"Die for my beliefs?  I just wanted to dye my hair!"  :)

Swap - TV Room at Graceland

This card is so much fun... how decadent those little television sets must have been back in the day. 

USA - The Big Duck

Candice has sent this wonderful card of the Big Duck. I so want to meet him.  Road trip!!


Germany - Barred Window

Photo by Annemarie Oerer.  I wonder if this is a rough part of town? 


Estonia - Finland Fisher

Adorable little fisherman from Helle. Hope he caught a big one! 


July 17, 2015

July 17, 2015

Swap - Kotityo-kyvyton

The wonderful art of Anne Taintor.

Swap - VW Van

I love this postcard!  The image is beautiful.

Swap - Graceland in Spring

Thank you to Jason for this one - a lovely view of Elvis Presley's home in spring.

Swap - Elvis' Pool Room

The pool room at Graceland.  Say no more.

Swap - Queen on Horseback

H.M. The Queen. Riding along the spectator-lined route towards the Horse Guards, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II approaches the ceremony of Trooping the Colour.  This colour spectacle is held annually on the Sovereign's birthday when the Queen's Colour is trooped before her majesty.