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February 29, 2016

February 29, 2016

Swap - Reflection on the Royal Wedding

Another beautiful Royal Wedding postcard from Jason. Thank you! 

Germany - Seerose

Simona sent me one of her gorgeous photos she had printed up as postcards. So lovely!


Germany - Tübingen multiview

Beautiful card from Pauline showcasing the tower where famous poet Friedrich Hölderlin once lived as well as the skyline and famous clock of the town hall.  


Brazil - Bristol Hotel

Excellent card featuring Brasilia's Bristol Hotel. 


February 2016 NA RR - Golden Gate Bridge DYK?

Informative and interesting history of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Thank you, Susan! 

February 2016 NA RR - Streid's Motel

The Streid Family owned and operated this popular Route 66 destination for 33 years (1957-1980).  It featured a 32 unit motel and a 24-hour Standard Oil service station. It was well known for its air conditioned restaurant and cocktail lounge and featured a charcoal broiler and rotisserie that served up to 200 people.  Located at the Junction of Route 150 and Route 66, Bloomington, IL. 

Swap - Frida Kahlo

Many thanks to Erick for this lovely Frida Kahlo postcard. My first!

Swap - Red Bug

Beautiful red Bug from Astrid!  Many thanks! 

Swap - Queen and Queen Mum

What lovely spring-like colours they chose for this outing. 

Germany - Elvis in Germany

Here is a fabulous postcard from Wilhelm, the #1 Postcrosser!  Very exciting to receive a card from him and a wonderful Elvis card at that!   Thank you!!


China - Postcrossing Meetup - Wuxi

What a beautiful meetup postcard!  Great design and signed by so many kind people.  


Finland - Yellow Tulips

Gorgeous postcard from Paula... I can't wait for the tulips to start blooming here! 


Germany - Old Shop

I love the charm of this postcard - the quaint little shop with a patron's bicycle parked there.  They've run inside to buy a few treats that they will pedal home in that cute little bike basket.

Thank you, Hanna! 


Malaysia - Simone Irani

Simone Irani is a Singapore based women's wear label specializing in chic resort wear. 

This postcard was promoting a pop-up boutique by the label in 2012. 


USA - Too Much to Dream Last Night

I get such a kick out of Emily the Strange.  Thanks to Darby for sending me this one.


February 26, 2016

February 26, 2016

Swap - The Duke and Duchess of York with Princess Beatrice of York

A lovely family portrait sent to me by Jason.  

February 2016 NA RR - Aloha Sunset

Gorgeous sunset view from Amanda! Wish I was there.

Swap - Knitted Cables

This hand-knit postcard from Cherilyn is absolutely fabulous.  Hard to scan and really do it justice. Many thanks!

Swap - The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, 1972

Don't they make a handsome couple?  I've always found it odd that a British Queen's husband is not a King, yet a British King's wife is a Queen (though she does rule as a monarch). 

February 25, 2016

February 25, 2016

Swap - The Duchess of York and The Princess Beatrice

The expression on Beatrice's face just kills me!   Could she be any happier?!

Swap - The Marriage of The Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer

Did you watch the Royal Wedding on tv?  

Swap - Silver Jubilee

A lovely postcard from Jason commemorating the Queen's Silver Jubilee.  Hard to believe how long ago that was and how long she has been Queen.  I can't quite imagine life without her.

Swap - Classic Queen Elizabeth

A very classic pose of Queen Elizabeth sent to me by Jason. 

February 2016 NA RR - Framed Elvis'

Beautiful Elvis card from Colleen for my collection!  Thank you so much!

Swap - Three (almost) Queens

This fabulous card was sent to me by Jason and I love it! 

RAS - Stuck on Canada

Dear sweet Alida has surprised me with this wonderful Grimm postcard.  I have mentioned before how much I enjoy Grimm's sense of humour.  Thank you my friend! 

Swap - White Beetle

Astrid is just the best to swap with!  She has added another fabulous VW Bug to my collection.  Many thanks!

Finland - Flowers

A beautiful vase of flowers from Anna!   What a breath of spring this brought to my day!  Thank you!


Swap - Shaped Queen

I am enjoying the most wonderful multi-card swap with Fiona!  She is really helping me grow my Royal Family collection and I very much appreciate it!   Isn't this shaped Queen card, fab!?

February 24, 2016

February 24, 2016

Swap - Irish Slang

A fun card from Claudia.  Useful to know if planning a trip to Ireland.

Italy - Palermo

Gorgeous postcard (with detachable bookmark) showcasing the Massimo Theatre that was built in 1870.


February 23, 2016

February 23, 2016

RAS - Things I Didn't See in Canada

A little bit of Grimm humour from Alida.  Love it!   Thank you!

February 2016 NA RR - Niagara Falls in Winter

A beautiful view of Niagara Falls in winter.  I'm always happy when I open up my mailbox and find Niagara Falls.  This one is extra special because of that crazy Valentine, Texas postmark.  It is huge and it is awesome!  Thank you, Robin! 

February 2016 NA RR - Don't Make Bubbles

Fabulous postcard from Molly!   Even though I'm not much of a Star Wars fan I do find these Vader and Sons postcards so witty and charming.

Russia - Blue Front Door

Thank you to Irina for this lovely postcard!  I love it! 


Belarus - Soldier with Boy

Nikadzim Silvanovich 1834 - 1919:
Soldier with Boy 1966;
National Art Museum of Belarus


Italy - Maiori

Fabulous view of Maiori Beach.  Thank you, Enzo! I also loved the stamps you used!


Italy - Genova

What a gorgeous view of Genova! 


Swap - Princess Diana

Fiona and I are doing a multicard swap so you can expect to see many new Royal cards in my collection!  Thank you, Fi! 

February 2016 NA RR

A very fun Harlequin Romance cover from Lana. Much appreciated! 

February 22, 2016

February 22, 2016

Swap - Quick Guacamole & Salsa

A fantastic yummy recipe card from Barbara.   Who's hungry?

February 19, 2016

February 19, 2016

Swap - Yonge Street

Ah, Yonge Street in Toronto.  Most of my babysitting money was spent at the two record stores you see on this card.  Thanks for the memories, Katharine! 

February 2016 NA RR - Prince Charles Paper Doll

This one just makes me smile!  Thank you so much to Christine for sending this my way. I absolutely love it! 

Canada - Seasonal Joy

Thanks to Ellen for this beautiful card. Artwork from an original mouth painting by Natalina Marcantoni. 


RAS - Waikiki Surf Hotels

The beautiful Waikiki Surf Hotels now consist of three wings.  All three wings have a choice of hotel rooms, apartments or family units. Swimming pools, restaurants and cocktail lounges nearby.

Thanks to Ellen for this happy surprise!  :)

Germany - HM Queen Elizabeth II and her grandsons

Anja sent me this fab card.  She had it signed by everyone at the Bielefeld Postcrossing Meetup.  How fun and extra special! 


February 2016 NA RR - Large Letter Miami

Thank you to Lori for this great Miami card! 

Swap - California, Here We Come

Classic I Love Lucy episode which aired January 10, 1955.  I can just hear Desi singing as he drives, can't you?

There is a tv station here which still shows I Love Lucy reruns daily.  It's a true classic, much like this card from Eric.  Thanks, Eric!! 

February 18, 2016

February 18, 2016

Swap - Happy Birthday Bus

Translated it says "It's Your Birthday.  Hippie Hurray".  Hahaha, cute!